Art supplies at CraftStash

Art supplies at CraftStash

While in my youth my scrapbook was a big book of rough paper into which we’d stick my best pieces of art, nowadays scrapbooking is a real art form. There are journals, papers, coloured tapes and an endless avenue of embellishments to help you preserve your memories and special events with professional-looking aesthetics – but without needing to be a professional artist.

CraftStash has a fantastic range of goodies for making cards, stationery and scrapbooking. While I’ve not yet ventured very far into making my own cards, I’ve journaled a little and I will never not enjoy perusing stationery and dreaming about all the wonderful things I could do with the pretty card and papers. There’s no doubt that when a handmade card is received on someone’s birthday, or at Christmas, the oohs and aahs are always infinitely greater than for a shop-bought creation.

CraftStash is also based in the UK (which was a nice surprise as a Brit myself, as so many of the big names online are based in the States), but they also ship to most of Europe, the United States of America, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa.

Explore the high quality art supplies at CraftStash for yourself and let your creativity run wild with everything they have on offer…

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