Cheerios heart – Society6 collection

Cheerios heart – Society6 collection

A healthy multigrain Cheerios heart makes a fun Valentine’s symbol. You might enjoy the tasty multigrain hoops as your breakfast of choice, or they might be your go-to snack handout for the little ones in your life. I remember reading about how internet friends would always have a little bag of them on hand for their toddlers to snack on and I was curious to try the cereal one day for myself. Not so curious that I went and bought a box for myself, but on holiday in America, the perfect opportunity came: one-serving boxes were available in the hotel’s breakfast buffet. So they became my holiday breakfast that week. Of course, it wasn’t ideal that I chose to tip the bowl all over myself on the very morning that we were due to meet friends, but after a quick sponge down and using the hairdryer to dry my top out, we were back on track!

You’ll find throw pillows, laptop cases, storage boxes and more with this healthy multigrain cereal art among the many designs and curated collections in my Sarah Doow Society6 store

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