Crisped rice cereal – Society6 collection

Crisped rice cereal – Society6 collection

Snap, crackle, pop – this crisped rice breakfast cereal is one of the noisiest foods out there! It was also one of my favourite starts to the day as a kid. Those little pieces of toasted rice are great for more than just breakfast. They’re key to those perfect gooey, sticky treats that appeal to any generation. When I was at school, mixing Rice Krispies with melted chocolate was one of the first recipes we tried during home economics. How could you go wrong with that? Other than dribble melted chocolate every which way of course.

I also love Rice Krispies as a basis for Rocky Road. For me, the texture works so much better than pieces of biscuit when mixed in with fruit and marshmallow and chocolate. That’s why Marks and Spencer’s rocky road is always on my birthday and Christmas lists. Always.

You will find carry-all pouches, notebooks, wooden wall art and more with this Crisped Rice Breakfast Cereal art among the many designs and curated collections in my Sarah Doow Society6 store

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