Photos: Dead animals

Photos: Dead animals

I’ve not come across any Norwegian Blues pining for the fjords on any of my walks yet, but when you live in the country you can come across the odd dead wild animal. The first in my collection was a dead pigeon that had been hit by a car, but was in one piece. I spent about half an hour in a country lane photographing it, directing the traffic around me and the bird’s corpse, lest they drive over my model. The rabbit was at the edge of a field, having been shot by a farmer who was bringing in the harvest. The smaller birds had simply fallen victim to the allure of their own reflection in the house windows.

Perhaps not the most appealing subject for photos for some, but certainly an interesting one – and they’ve all been put to use by customers in one way or another.

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Dead animals by Sarah Doow at Shutterstock

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