Delicious pecan pie – Society6 collection

Delicious pecan pie – Society6 collection

I have found that taking photos of food brings with it the benefit of having something on which to snack when my work is done. This tasty pecan pie was the result of a series of stock recipe photos. Along with one of the recipe photos, the finished product is also part of my seasonal offerings on Society6. Why not use the mouthwatering dessert to add your own festive touches to your decor, or plan your big Thanksgiving party in a suitably-themed notebook! And if you’re not American and have never tried pecan pie, I can certainly recommend it. You’ll just be a while trying to pick a recipe as there are so many options out there.

You can find bags, greeting cards, mugs and more with this pecan pie art among the many designs and curated collections in my Sarah Doow Society6 store

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