Etsy picks: Craft materials

Etsy picks: Craft materials

There’s a huge range of craft materials on offer at Etsy, sitting alongside the many finished pieces available. You’ll find just the right material, or embellishment, with which you can add sparkle, fun, or elegance to your work. A finishing touch such as character buttons, jewels, or tassels and tags, which can be difficult to make yourself, can really elevate a handmade project. After putting together this selection, I’m now so taken with all the different buttons to be found that I feel I’ll be curating a collection of my favourites before long. It’s also inspiring to simply browse the craft materials listed at Etsy with no particular aim in mind. It can open your mind to further possibilities for future creations or gifts. I can’t help thinking that my nieces would go crazy for some sparkly felt …

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  1. Cast on a new knitting project with Brushed Alpaca Silk Yarn from KnittedHomeLondon
  2. Sew on Hand Made Labels from HotPinkHaberdashery to set yourself apart from factory goods
  3. Trim your best hat with Coloured Pheasant Feathers from ThefeatherfairyStore
  4. Add Jingle Bells from AMAZINGARTANDCRAFTS to festive creations
  5. Trim a creation with Four Cotton Tassels from acanthusjd
  6. Use these cute Wooden Sheep Buttons from DABhandLaserCraft on children’s clothing
  7. Try out quilting with patterned Fabric Remnants from AlchemyAndFabric
  8. Use Wool Batts from HeidifeathersOnEtsy for felting in beautiful colours
  9. Incorporate Sparkly Glitter Felt from HotPinkHaberdashery into your project for extra pizzazz!

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