Etsy picks: Parrots

Etsy picks: Parrots

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No self-respecting pirate would be without his avian accomplice, but even those not busy searching for gold in far-off islands will see the attraction of these brightly coloured birds. Under the theme of parrots, Etsy creators have come up with everything from tiny charms and buttons to tricky puzzles and cuddly toys. You could even commission a custom ornament in the likeness of your pet. There’s one thing that all these finds have in common and that’s that they won’t be talking back, or imitating you at inopportune moments 😉

  1. Brighten a shopping trip with a Colourful Print Tote by MaratusFunk
  2. Dress your little one for a costume party in a Baby Parrot Costume by Chinguliscreations
  3. Exercise your brain with the Wooden Puzzle Cockatoo by HandmadeChess
  4. Add a Parrot Charm by ButtonGreenShop to your bracelet
  5. Accessorise with a cute Parrot & Agate Stone Bracelet by ValoisDesigns
  6. Honour your feathered friend with a Custom Parrot Ornament by Silverpasta
  7. Finish off your seafaring outfit with the Pirate’s Shoulder Parrot by cattoy4
  8. Sew 5 Parrot Buttons by LisaJanesButtonsUK onto your latest project
  9. Pick up a pair of pretty Macaw Earrings by DaliahArt

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