Etsy picks: Pirates!

Etsy picks: Pirates!

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Arrr, there’s nothing better than life on the open seas, looking for treasure, and maybe taking other people’s treasure too from time to time. The life of a pirate offers endless opportunities for amusement for kids and adults alike, so hoist the Jolly Roger and take a look at the riches to be found at Etsy for the adventurous, swashbuckling buccaneers among you.

  1. Activate your pirate status in seconds with an Instant Pirate costume T-shirt by ThinkOutLoudApparel
  2. Fill the Pirate Mug by MagpieNeon with coffee or rum – your choice!
  3. Wear this impressive Gold tone statement necklace by LandAWestDesign as a warning to your enemies
  4. Kit out a pirate-themed party with Happy Birthday balloons by SIXSTOREGB
  5. Top off your cosplay with a sea-weathered Pirate’s tricorn hat by ImmortalBeloveduk
  6. Make the latest pirate fashions with a yarrrrd of Pirate skulls fabric by TheFabricFeen
  7. Keep your precious goods and/or toys safe in the Medium treasure chest by IRONBRIDGEFURNITURE
  8. Hoist Jolly Roger pirate flag by SEASTYLE and set sail at once
  9. Find your way to the next hoard of gold 18″ treasure map by BlueOakCreations

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