Etsy picks: Wooden toys

Etsy picks: Wooden toys

See Sarah Doow’s Etsy picks – Wooden toys

There is certainly something charming about wooden toys, over plastic ones. For all the prevalence of plastic in this day of age, I think you’d be hard pressed to find a child’s toy box devoid of wooden toys, be they of traditional or modern design. While my eye was often drawn to the rainbow colours among what had been created by Etsy makers, the simple design of those memory game Easter eggs is lovely. Though of course, I’d never play with them, as that game utterly intimidates me…

  1. Put dexterity and problem-solving skills to the test with the Flexible wooden tower by UA GoodWood
  2. Relieve sore gums with the Crochet jersey wooden teething rings by ShandysMamas – available in a variety of colours
  3. Hone your memory skills with the Wooden Easter egg hunt matching games by thispaperbook
  4. Have fun on the farm with these handcrafted Farm animals by TheWoodPeckerFactory
  5. Stack up a princess, not just coloured rings with this Personalised classic stacking toy by DarklingDesigns10
  6. Let your imagination run magically wild with Rainbow gnomes by Through Play We Learn
  7. Defend the kingdom, or just slay some boring old dragons with a Knight’s toy sword & shield by WickensWoodworks
  8. Have hours of fun with this wonderfully detailed Wooden child’s garage and car by LoveEmmaDesign
  9. Develop logic and motor skills with these fascinating Wooden gears on magnets by WoodenToysWorkshop

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