Perfect Mother’s Day gifts from Etsy

Perfect Mother’s Day gifts from Etsy

Mother’s Day is just around the corner in the UK, on 31st March, giving us the perfect reminder to treat and appreciate our mums. Finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift can be quite a trick. My mum works unbelievably hard to look after her loved ones. Like so many others, she deserves far more than just one day of recognition. A thoughtful gift that lasts beyond sunset on Mothering Sunday could be one step in that direction. At Etsy, artists and creators pour attention and care into their work, making their designs ideal tokens of appreciation.

It’s worth taking a moment to consider what your mum would appreciate most. Is she active and adventurous, or longing for something relaxing and soothing for a moment of calm? Is jewellery guaranteed to catch your mother’s eye, or is something practical for the home more her style? I’ve taken a look at Etsy creations with all kinds of mums and budgets in mind and picked out a few fun ideas to inspire you on your search for the ideal present for your treasured mum.

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  1. Pebble Mother’s Day Card from TrudiJoDesign
  2. Floral Bottle from MandarinMoon
  3. Hand-painted silk scarf from FancySilk
  4. Handmade leather clutch from AdaBags
  5. Bird’s Nest Necklace from SleekStyles
  6. Soy Aromatherapy Candle from WildheartOrganics
  7. Mystic Mountains art print from Nikkistrange
  8. Glass Art from UzumluGlassArts
  9. Escape The Ordinary Stainless Steel Mug from JustWanderCo

Don’t forget to check out Etsy’s own curated list of gifts for Mother’s Day too!


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