Photos: Food for animals – wild and domestic

Photos: Food for animals – wild and domestic

Whether wild or domestic, animals need food. Our pets need their bowls filled, or we’ll no doubt be reminded by them if we leave them waiting for kibble and treats too long. The photos I’ve taken include cat food and bone-shaped dog biscuits, in piles, in bowls, as full frame backgrounds.

Out in the garden, we are encouraged to feed the birds too, not just during the cold winter months, but throughout the year. Nut feeders filled with peanuts attract all sizes of bird, from petite blue tits to large woodpeckers with their heavy-duty beaks. If squirrels are a nuisance on the feeders, you might need to invest in some of the various ingenious squirrel-proof feeders that are available! Seed feeders can be filled with grains and seeds of many different kinds – from sunflower hearts to tiny nyjer seeds – and ground feeders such as blackbirds and wrens will happily tidy up what’s dropped.

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Animal food by Sarah Doow at Shutterstock

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