Photos: Making pecan pie

Photos: Making pecan pie

A delicious Thanksgiving tradition: pecan pie. This photo set takes you through the baking process from rolling out the pastry, to taking a bit of the finished yummy, nutty dessert. Popular shots in this set are also the making and baking of the pastry case, which needs pricking with a fork and blind baking, with ceramic beans to weigh down the pastry. Pastry weights are vital for keeping the base of the case flat and making sure no air bubbles rise up.

Then it’s a matter of chopping the pecans, mixing up the dark, sugary filling and pouring it into the pastry case. How you decorate the top of the pie is up to you – some people keep it plain, others used chopped nuts, or covered the entire surface with pecans. I chose to dot the nuts around the edge like a clock-face – it makes such a handy guide when cutting slices!

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Making pecan pie by Sarah Doow on Shutterstock

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