Photos: Making rocky road

Photos: Making rocky road

Rocky road is a favourite sweet treat of mine, with its chewy and crunchy mix of chocolate, marshmallow, dried fruit and biscuit pieces. What you include in the recipe is really down to personal taste. I made these with pieces of digestive biscuits (approximate American equivalent: graham crackers), while the rocky road I buy has Rice Krispies mixed in instead.

It’s such an easy recipe too, melt your chocolate and butter and stir in the other ingredients. Press it into a tin and leave it to set, before cutting it into pieces. Done and yum.

One of the most popular parts of this stock photo collection is the digestive biscuits being crushed with a rolling pin. Mixed with butter, the crushed biscuits can form the base for desserts like cheesecake, or as an alternative to pastry for puddings such as lemon meringue pie.

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Rocky road by Sarah Doow at Shutterstock

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