Photos: Snail – a garden pest

Photos: Snail – a garden pest

They’re not as destructive as slugs can be, but the garden snail is still a pest, eating its way through precious seedlings and plants in your flower beds or allotment. This one had particularly attractive markings on its shell though, so just had to be brought in to model. Such photos could be the perfect accompaniment to an article about the challenges gardeners face – or perhaps information on the thrush, which smashes open the mollusc’s shell on a stone to get at the meat.

The snail was framed in various crimes, leaving its sticky trail over a flower, or climbing up the side of a terracotta flowerpot, on its way to threaten some tender new seedlings. I don’t remember where it was released after its work was done … it certainly wasn’t anywhere near my allotment though!

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Snail by Sarah Doow at Shutterstock

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