Sarah Doow’s Craft at Etsy

I’m for ever multi-tasking nowadays. Nothing can be done without doing at least one other thing at the same time. Watching Netflix, listening to the radio, talking to friends, playing a computer game, surfing the net … they all need to be accompanied by something else too and that’s often knitting.

Scarves, hats and neck warmers all grow on the needles in soft yarn while the world and I entertain each other. I’m a lover of beautiful colours; yarns in palettes both muted and bright; soft, cosy textures.

Each piece I produce is made with care in the Garden of England, among rolling hills and twisting country lanes. As the leaves fall from the oak trees, the fields turn muddy and the grass twinkles with frost, I know the pleasure of wrapping up warm and snug to go outside and enjoy the natural world – and it is with that in mind that I knit.

You can find me at Etsy, with my various creations, from knitted goodies to postcards of my photos and salt dough ornaments. Visit the Sarah Doow Etsy store and be sure to add me to your favourite shops to be notified of the latest updates  and new listings!


Neckwarmers and scarves


Hat and scarf sets


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