Shredded red cabbage – Society6 collection

Shredded red cabbage – Society6 collection

Red cabbage is a traditional side dish at Christmas, making a star turn at many Yuletide meals, braised with spices and perhaps fruit, or even bacon for some salty crunch. In its raw form the vegetable is a dense ball of crisp leaves in a fantastically vibrant shade of purple. Cutting into the red cabbage you’re faced with an intricate pattern of purple and white lines, which fall into wavy ribbons as you begin to shred the vegetable. It’s at this point that the red cabbage starts to have its revenge upon the cook, staining your fingers purple. The demolition of the red cabbage made for a fun set of stock photos and the full frame crinkled shreds of leaves made for a fantastic addition to my Society6 portfolio.

You’ll find laptop covers, phone cases, mugs, coasters and more with this Shredded Red Cabbage art among the many designs and curated collections in my Sarah Doow Society6 store.

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