Thanksgiving gourd & pumpkin pie – Society6 collection

Thanksgiving gourd & pumpkin pie – Society6 collection

When you are decorating for Thanksgiving, or simply adding a splash of autumn colour to your house, a brightly coloured little pumpkin is a wonderful choice. Not every foodstuff is suited to ornamental use of course. Pumpkins and squashes are so wonderfully robust though, that they can sit happily – and cleanly – on the table, or mantelpiece as a cheery addition.

Pairing this little punkin with a mini pumpkin pie, made a sweet tableau for Thanksgiving. Why not make some seasonal greeting cards with this art and invite friends and family over for the holiday? Or pick up a tote bag adorned with this picture for your shopping runs.

You’ll find throw pillows, notebooks, art prints, mugs and more with this Thanksgiving art among the many designs and curated collections in my Sarah Doow Society6 store

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