Tortoises – curated Society6 collection

Tortoises – curated Society6 collection

It was a lot of fun looking for these pieces of art. There are many different interpretations of the noble tortoise by Society6 artists, from an abstract black and white print to the one that really speaks to me as a keen gardener: that cheeky chap covered in sunflowers and pretty blooms. The mug with the simple slogan “It’s ok to be the tortoise” is appealing too. And of course it’s a truth that Aesop shared hundreds and hundreds of years ago.

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These designs are of course available on more than simply notebooks. You’ll find the same works of art available as wall murals, laptop sleeves, clocks, pillows …

Links to Society6 are affiliate links. There is no additional cost to you, but I receive a small commission from Society6, should you make a purchase. If you’re interested in joining Society6 as an artist or curator too, let me refer you!

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