Wild flowers – Society6 collection

Wild flowers – Society6 collection

Red field poppies mingle with yellow corn marigolds, white daisies and pink corn cockles in a wild flower garden. Such views aren’t just pleasant to the eye, all those flowers are superb sources of pollen and nectar, attracting numerous bees, butterflies and insects of all kinds. These pollinators are vital for our environment and take their own place in the food cycle for the birds and other predators on the rung above too. It’s pretty easy to grow your own wild flower meadow, whether you choose the seeds carefully yourself, or use a meadow mix which will give you a range of plants and all you need to do then is sprinkle the seed over the ground and keep it watered through the hot summer.

You can make art prints, bath mats, phone cases, rugs, canvas prints, stickers, travel mugs, framed prints and notecards with this pretty photo, which sits among the designs and collections in my Sarah Doow Society6 store

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