Black-eyed peas

Black-eyed peas

Black-eyed peas were a must for my stock photography portfolio. They’re a traditional dish on New Year’s Day in the southern USA and so I knew the photos would find an audience with writers exploring the tradition, or those looking to use the photo for their own artwork at the turn of the year.

The peas are believed to bring prosperity in the new year, with the tradition dating back to the Civil War when pillaging by Union troops left those in the South with little but these – actually very nourishing -peas to eat. Now numerous interpretations of the tradition exist, from exactly how many peas should be eaten, to whether they are paired to collard greens, pork jowl or cornbread. You could even add a coin to the mix for one lucky recipient to find, just as the British sometimes still do when making their sumptuous fruit-laden Christmas puddings.

You’ll find greetings cards, art prints, notebooks and more with this design of a sea of black-eyed peas among the many designs and curated collections in my Sarah Doow Society6 store

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