Etsy picks: Washi tape

Etsy picks: Washi tape

See Sarah Doow’s Etsy picks – Washi tape

I think I must have used washi tape in some of the most unromantic ways you could think of. I bought myself some bright, bold colours and rather than putting this magic tape to use in projects such as wrapping gifts, scrapbooking, paper crafts, jazzing up really any surface that cried out for some colour or pattern, I put my washi tape to work holding foam board reflectors in place against a painted wall. And securing the rolls of muddy black plastic that I use to cover my vegetable beds over winter. It’s so often the way it goes with me and stationery; I have great dreams about following the latest crafting trends, but end up either hoarding pads and pens because they’re too nice to use, or perhaps simply not knowing quite where to start. It’s pretty simple when it comes to washi tape though, because if you don’t like what you’ve done, just peel off the tape and start again – leaving no damage or residue behind. Clever stuff.

There are so many washi tape designs out there to choose from, it was great fun putting together this collection from Etsy, where you’ll find everything from plain colours, to patterns to really intricate motifs.

  1. Cute Bird Washi Tape by Little Sparrows Pocket
  2. Halloween Washi Tape by WoodedAcresCharm
  3. Happy Birthday Washi Tape by ChicChicFindings
  4. Christmas Washi Tape by LittleDutchShop
  5. Valentine Hearts Washi Tape by LoveMyTapes
  6. Cat Washi Tape by PandaPenShop
  7. Bride and Groom Washi Tape by BellasBeadHabit
  8. Nautical Washi Tape by PumpkinParcel
  9. White & Blue Polka Dot Washi Tape by BBBsuppliesCRAFTSHOP

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