Photos: Roasting tomatoes

Photos: Roasting tomatoes

I just love the colours of this set; they’re so naturally bright and saturated. Roasting tomatoes is a simple process and the result can be eaten as is with your meal, or you can go a step further and blend the roasted tomatoes to make a tomato sauce, or the basis thereof.

Choose flavourful, ripe tomatoes. Those still on the vine tend to have the best flavour. Then half them and arrange the pieces on a baking tray. Now drizzle the tomato halves with olive oil, season them with salt, pepper, fresh thyme and sliced garlic – or whatever mix of seasoning takes your fancy, perhaps some balsamic vinegar or sugar for a little caramelisation. Then put tray of tomatoes into the oven for 1 hour at 160ºC/320ºF. The flavour of the tomatoes intensifies as they cook and shrivel.

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Roasting tomatoes by Sarah Doow at Shutterstock

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