Train travel – curated Society6 collection

Train travel – curated Society6 collection

The magic of train travel, of stepping off the train into a whole new world is the thought behind this curated collection from Society6. It’s not simply about the destination either – the journey is considered to be just as important. You see towns and villages, fields and streams pass by your window. Even just the change of perspective can be eye-opening as you look down into back gardens previously hidden from view, speed through wide pastures among farm animals, or chug through urban estates among high rise buildings.

I’ve looked for images that span time and place, so alongside the retro British and American posters, there are also photos from Austria and India. That Austrian rockface looms over the picturesque town of Hallstatt, by the way. A town where my friend and I were temporarily stranded many years ago, while my phone with all the important numbers, made its way merrily to the next stop on the coach that had left without us.

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